Always-on voice chat.

Listen to music together! Stay connected and Turnmeup lowers the music volume when one of you talks.

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Great for running, cycling, or open air offices!

No matter where you listen

Whether you listen to music while running, cycling, at work, or chilling around the house, turnmeup enhances the experience by connecting you to someone else. 

It sounds like it ought to.  

If you've ever tried keeping Skype open while listening to music, you know it doesn't sound great. We use cutting edge audio tech so that when someone speaks to you, the volume of their voice blends perfectly with your music. 

Connect to who you want, when you want. 

Decide who can speak to you directly, and who needs permission first. Keep multiple voice connections running simultaneously in the background. Get audio alerts as friends become available. So many features, so easy to use. 

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